About Us

Looking to please a customer is about the hardest thing one can do as a baker, but our aim is to satisfy every customers quest for that taste that can never be forgotten, that indescribable feeling left in your mouth (as difficult as it may be to explain to others), that exquisite decoration on the desserts, the delicate way in which the package is done, and of course that special way you feel.

When its delivered just at your doorstep, or even more so if its in the office; for all to see how well you are loved & thought of. That's what we are about, at Fifi’s Oven, …its all about the Oven freshness of your Cakes & Desserts.

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open from Monday to Saturday from 9AM to 6PM

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Email: fifisoven@gmail.com
Phone: 01 8970070 08056568993 07028089903 08034078227
3 ope ifa crescent,anthony village,lagos
lagos, Lagos +234